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Music Beginner Series

     Music Beginner is a series of programs designed for young children ages from 2 years to 4 years.  Based on "learn music in making music", the core principle underlying all Happy Music group programs, Music Beginner focuses more on developmentally appropriate approaches, and is organized with hand-on musical activities for your children to learn music with fun.  Specifically, with Music Beginner, your children will enjoy singing and learning songs; playing musical games with music awareness and body movement, i.e., Eurhythmics; learning and playing hand percussion instruments with different rhythm patterns; learning to recognize music patterns, and tone color in basic ear training; and eventually, the learning of the basic music components such as dynamics, tempo, and note duration. 

     We always encourage parents to participate in the lessons and stay with their children playing music at home.  While participating in the teaching sessions, parents can observe their children in action, and parents can also help to remember the lessons and practice/play/sing the music with their children at home.  Our program books for Music Beginner series serve the same purpose for parents to play with their children at home, as well as for children and parent to keep track of the program. 

     Music Beginner program is divided into 3 terms in a progressive order, each with its own focus and incrementally broader and deeper contents.  Each term has 10 weekly sessions, with each session 45 minutes. The first term, Music Beginner I, is focused on getting your children, together with fun, familiar with music - songs, games, expressions, and hand percussion instruments, without the burden of learning any "musical terms".  Music Beginner II will give your children more songs and musical games, as well as ear training and body movements, introduction to orchestral instruments.   Through the pictures and CD,  the students will learn to recognize the different shapes and sounds of each instrument.   Music Beginner III, with more songs, games, expressions, and rhythm patterns, hand bells, tuning tubes, and solfege, helps your children to put every components of music together and even create their own composition.  "Learn music in making music  is the main theme of these programs.

     This division of Music Beginner in 3 terms not only helps your children to get familiar with music in a fun and progressive way, but also provides flexible and practical scheduling for the programming.  We have set to start Music Beginner I anytime when class size is filled.  Space is limited so register for your preferred spot ASAP.

                Music Beginner I / II / III
                             2 to 4 years olds
                             6 to 8 children
                             10 weekly 45-minute sessions
                             $180, including registration and material $30
                             $150 for any additional child from the same family 
                                      - one set of material for the family


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