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Music Step One Series

Music Step One / Music Step Two / Music Step Three

     Music Step One is designed to foster young children ages 4 to 6 years old to learn all the basic aspects of music through singing and playing musical instruments.  Our philosophy is to foster children to "learn music in making music".  This program starts with music basics: staff, clefs, read music note, time values, rhythms, time signatures, dynamics, tempo, and expressions.  Xylophone and hand percussion instruments are then introduced to children with basic playing techniques.  

     Designed with Orff Schulwerk philosophy in mind, children learn to respond to rhythm and melody, while making good music with others.  Children learn to become sensitive listeners and considerate participants when they encounter and explore music in a progressive and integrated path with fun.

     Music Step Two is a continuance of Music Step One - which offers more musical components, including eighth notes and musical expressions, and hand percussion instruments and recorder playing.  More music components such as intervals and harmony are then introduced to your children after they have learned basic techniques of playing recorders.  They will then learn and practice harmony and play recorders in a small ensemble settings.

     Music Step Three continues the philosophy from Music Step One and Music Step Two while focuses more on xylophone and recorder performance skills and ensemble experience.  This program covers intermediate music component such as rhythm patterns and rests, tempo, musical signs, flow structures, and more exercises, all with hand percussion instruments.  In addition, children will learn Solfege singing with ear training, and are exposed to many music instruments from listening to "Peter And the Wolf", and are then able to tell the difference from the many sounds of orchestra instruments. Finally, children will have the chance of composing music based on what they have learned.

                Music Step One / Two / Three
4 to 6 years olds
                             4 to 6 children in the class
                             10 weekly 45-minutes sessions
                             $190, including registration and material $40
                             $180 for the second child from the same family
                                  - each with separate material

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