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What Parents Said About Our Studio

“As an adult who began lessons in September 2010, I was a little nervous and unsure how I would do.  I feel as though I have learned quite a bit in 9 months.  Jolin is very patient and kind.  She gives me a lot of encouragement,  She has also been flexible when necessary.  I really appreciate her hard work.  We have fun and laugh a lot during  my lessons.  Thank you.

“We are impressed with the classes + teaching method + pleased with Alexandra’s progress …

“Although Katie will not be continuing with this guitar instruction, I want to emphasize that we were very please with the instructor and would recommend your studio to others.  It was very nice to be able to let Katie give guitar instruction a try in a convenient location with flexible times but it turns out that this was one activity too many for her to handle. Thanks. ……

“My daughter is two and a half years old.  She first took the group music classes in the past summer.  At first, in the first 2 weeks, she was not able to sing any songs that were taught in the classes.  With the teacher’s review of songs week by week, as well as the program book we have so that I can sing the songs with her at home, now she is doing great.  She sings “Gentle gentle, you put the things away!” while cleaning up her toys.  She even reminds me to put away toys very gently.  She also learned to share and play along with other kids while playing percussion instruments in the class.  This is definitely a wonderful experience for both of us.

“My daughter started taking piano lessons a year ago when she had just turned four.  She had been turned down by several other piano teachers who insisted that she had to be at least 6 years old before she could learn to play the piano.  As a last resort, I came to the Open House at Happy Music, and was immediately impressed that age did not seem to be a problem for Ms. Jolin Hsu.  My daughter has been taking regular lessons at Happy Music for a year now and enjoys playing tremendously.  I have been particularly impressed with the way Ms. Hsu has prepared her teaching materials for her staff and how she organizes the curriculum for young students.  Through patient teachers, who really know how to approach a small child and teach them in a child-appropriate manner, my daughter has really discovered for herself the joy of music-making.  There are countless times at home when she will just sit down at the piano and play all her old and new pieces without any prompting.  Similarly, everybody in my family has been impressed with how much my daughter has learned in the last year, and how well she can already play.  In conclusion, I would also add that I have found Happy Music and Ms. Hsu very flexible and accommodating in arranging piano lessons.

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