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Photo Albums
Wayland Touch the Truck 2015 event- Touch the Truck has been a legend event for Wayland.  It is always located in Wayland Middle School, and the nearby Wayland Public Works always brings in their "Trucks", as well the fire engines from Wayland Safety Department, for children or Wayland residents to touch.  We always come to this event, with our studio literatures, instruments, and most importantly, with out fun fun hand percussion instruments, for children of all ages to play.  It is always of great fun being with these young children.  

Wayland Art Fair 2015 - This is the first even Art Fair in Wayland.  Happy Music is so pleased to have young children in Hand Bell Class to participate in this event.  These young students took the lessons in June and July of 2015, and then performed wonderfully in this event.  The album has the photos of them performed in the Court Yard Stage during this event.

HandBell Class Rehearsal for Wayland Art Fair event - We had a very interesting class this past summer for young children. It is called HandBell Class. Earlier this year, we received an invite to perform in the first annual Wayland Art Fair happening in coming September. Since we had the plan for this handBell class for a while, we decided to invite the children in this class to perform in this Art Fair event. The children and parents were so excited to be in this class to begin with, and they were even more excited to participate in this performance opportunity.

Yet, no pain, no gain, as the old saying goes. So we had some practice during the summer. These photos were taken during the final rehearsals in earlier August.

Studio Photos - this page gives you a tour of the studio.

Group Programs - this page shows you some pictures of the teaching sessions of Happy Music group programs.  We use these photos to give you an idea what group lessons given by Happy Music will be like.

Music Adventure - on October 15, 2005, Happy Music was hosting an special event in our studio.  Parents and students came to our studio - to face-to-face talk with our teachers, to try out a number of musical instruments and determine if you like to pick up a specific intrument to learn, and to have a try-out session of our Music Beginner program.  Our teaching faculty were kind enough to give us a very entertaining and inspiring "jam session"!!

Spread the Bread Festival - National "Make a Difference Day" - on October 22nd, 2005,  Happy Music was proud to participate in the first Make a Difference Day in Wayland.  We provided some musical instruments for kids to tryout.  Young children also had a blast while playing out hand percussion instruments.

Concerts - this page shows some photos taken from the concerts held by Happy Music.  Congratulations to these great performers!!

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