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Private Lessons
  • Private lessons provided by Happy Music are flexibly tailored to meet each student’s needs.  We provide students with instructions for different styles of music, comprehensive materials for students at different accomplished levels from beginner, intermediate, to advanced; and for different age groups including both adults and children.  Private instruction is offered Monday - Sunday throughout the year in the following instruments:
* Piano * Guitar * Flute * Violin * Viola * Cello *
* Recorder * Drum * Vocal *
  • We skillfully designed Piano Private Lesson Beginner Book and Finger Exercises  for every beginner piano students.  A Music Theory  book is also designed to be used as a supplemental aids to private instructions to enhance students  music knowledge and establish a solid ground for further studies.  
  • Furthermore, we compiled a list of music books for both our teachers and parents/students.  This list categories music books available from our studio, into different achievement levels with estimated time to complete learning of each book, different styles such as classical, popular, jazz, blues, march, ragtime, Broadway, and Disney songs, and different levels of technical trainings.  This broad coverage of our piano literature allows your children to explore all different styles of music.  With this list, parents are assured that the progress of their children are closely benchmarked, and teachers have the whole picture when to give the best material to fit the students needs.
  • Conservatory trained, and experienced teachers, most of them with advanced degrees as Masters or Doctors in Performance or Music Education, in Greater Boston area, as well as our well-thought-out instructions and programs give our students and parents the most satisfactory learning experience.  
  • We are offering the private lessons taught in your own home.  Our teachers are willing to travel to your home and give the lessons in your home, the environment that your children are familiar and feeling safe.  The convenience and time saving without your efforts bringing your children out to our studio is very welcomed from some of our students and their parents.  We only charge extra $10 per visit.  If you have more than one children taking private lessons, this is a great feature for your convenience.
  • Performance is an essential part of music student's education.  Happy Music provides two concerts each year.  One in January and the other one in June.  This performance opportunity is available for all private and group program students.  It's a great time to share the results of their hard work and commitment with family and friends.
  • Try-out lessons are available depending on of teachers' schedules as well as the availability of the studio.  The prices for try-out lessons are $36 for 30 minutes lesson, $53 for 45 minutes lesson, and $68 for 60 minutes lesson.  Please call studio to make the arrangement.
  • Considering the needs for children and parents as well teachers to have vacation in summer, we have allowed very flexible scheduling for Summer Semester.  Prior to summer time begines in June, we will pass along the Summer Semester Registration form, allowing you to choose how many lessons to take in summer, as well as the day/date and time for the lessons.  Based on teachers' availability, we will try to accomodate your needs as possible as we could.
Private lessons - 18 weekly sessions for Fall and Spring semesters

                              Registration fee:       $    10 per student per semester
                                                                  $   15 per family per semester                      
                      30 minutes sessions:
      $  648     ($36 / session)
                      45 minutes sessions:       $  954     ($53 / session)
                      60 minutes sessions:       $1224     ($68 / session)
                           Music WorkShop:        $  120      (5 monthly sessions, including Music Theory
                                                                                   book and other material)
                          Ensemble Friends:       $  120      (5 monthly sessions, including musicsheets                                                                                         and other material)                   

Semi-Private lesson

     Starting from this year, we began to offer semi-private lessons for siblings or friends who are able to have the lessons together.  Students in the same lesson should have similar age and level to be able to learn it with fun and efficiency. These lessons will be good for 2 or 3 kids in the same class to learn the music together. These semi private lessons can be either for Keyboard, Guitar, Violin, or Vocal.  Semi-private lessons are for very young kids as well.  Please call to check the time and studio availability. 
30 minutes:         
$26 each with 2 kids in the same class

                     $18 each with 3 kids in the same class
45 minutes:         
                     $34 each with 2 kids in the same class

                     $26 each with 3 kids in the same class

Music Workshop
  • We have received comments from the private lesson parents saying that they want us to provide more theory teaching and help to find ways to motivate their kids to practice at home.  In answer to these comments, we plan to have once a month workshops to all our students starting from September 06.
  • This program is designed for the students to have chances learning with other kids together. This program is composed of Music Theory, Ear Training, Singing and solfege, Music Composition, Music Appreciation, Music Games, sharing and listening to performance of other children, and the sharing with other students/parents of the learning and practicing experience at home.
  • Music Workshop will be 60 minutes sessions , held once a month on each of the second Sunday afternoon.  Parents can join the session at the last 15 minutes.  The design of this format is to allow parents to know what they learn in these workshop and to meet other parents and discuss/share the learning experience. Each class will have 6-8 kids only. The tuition for Music Workshop will be $120 for 5 sessions with materials. This will be of great benefits to all our students.

Ensemble Friends
  • Ensemble music is fun.  Ensemble music playing fosters young musicians to listen to other player playing music together, along with his or her own playing, to make better music.  Ensemble music also gives young musicians the experience of harmonious sound together with others.  Ensemble music also requires every young musicians to play in tune with each other, and play in beat, together with each other.  So ensemble music is not only fun to play together, it is also a must have learning experience about music for young musicians.
  • Happy Music is offering Ensemble Friends starting in February 2012.  This program will be 5 60 minutes sessions on the second Sunday afternoons.  The students can bring in their own instruments, as many of our students are taking music lessons for multiple instruments. Students will play together with other students with the music which we will provide.  Students will play instruments such as piano, violin, cello, guitar, recorder, keyboard, percussions, and /or even sing together with other students.  We will learn how to keep the tempo steady and together, and everyone has the opportunity to play solo.  Sight-reading of music and properly following the  conducting are also part of the training.  If you will, we can even allow the rotation of instruments so that students can experience playing in different parts and listening to others.
  • This program is fun, and a lot learn from this program.  Tuition for Ensemble Friends is $120 for 5 hourly sessions, which includes all the music we will use in the classes.

5 hourly sessions for Music Workshop and Ensemble Friends

Music Workshop
1:30pm to 2:30pm on second Sundays

Ensemble Friends   
2:45pm to 3:45pm on second Sundays
  • We had decided that Music Workshop and Ensemble Friends as optional for all private sutdents.  It is a small addition of fees, but the best investment for your children's learning!  Please note that the added extra fee $120 is printed in the attached Registration Form.  This $120 fee also includes the materials needed for the programs.

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